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January 8, 2009
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For IsraHELL Keep Killing NOW by ademmm For IsraHELL Keep Killing NOW by ademmm

Israel hits, they run
Vittorio Arrigoni continues to share the violence that he witnesses in Gaza as he was trying to sacrifice himself for the innocent people of Gaza.

"All 'innocent people of Gaza, our war is not a war against you but against Hamas, if not stop launching rockets you find yourself in danger." And 'the transcript of a recording that you can listen to the telephone answering these hours in Gaza.

The Israeli army is spreading the illusion that the Palestinians do not have eyes and ears. Eyes to see that the bombs hit almost exclusively civilian targets, like mosques (15, the last one of Omar Bin Abd Al Azeez of Beit Hanoun), schools, universities, markets, hospitals. Ears not to hear the screams of pain and terror of children, innocent victims and yet predestined for each bombing. According to hospital sources, when I'm writing are 120 children remained under the bombs, 548 deaths in total, more than 2700 wounded, the dozens and dozens missing. Two days ago at the Red Crescent refugee camp Jabali , the night is not mine dropped. From the sky Apache helicopters launched bombs luminophores continuously, so as not to make us aware of any difference between sunrise and sunset.

Repeated the cannonade of a tank located less than a kilometer from hospital was seriously cracked the walls of the building, but we have survived until the morning. At about 10 or so, bombs fallow field adjacent to the building, machine gun fire all around for the doctors of the Red Crescent that was a message to us of the direct, immediate evacuation, on penalty of life. We have moved the injured to other hospitals, and now the operational base of the ambulance is on the Al Nady, medical personnel if they are sitting on the pavement waiting for calls, that there are feverishly.

For the first time I have seen themselves from Israeli hospitals, the bodies of some members of Palestinian resistance. An infinitesimally small number, in proportion to the hundreds of civilian casualties, and after the invasion of land have multiplied exponentially. After the attack on the mosque in Jabali, coincided with the entry of the wagons armarti, which caused 11 deaths and about fifty injured, for the Saturday night escorting ambulances we realized the tremendous destructive power of howitzers fired by Israeli tanks, as if the destruction in the days before they felt the absence.

A Bet Hanoun a family that was heating up at home before a fornellino Wood, was hit by one of these deadly gun shots. We have collected 15 injured, 4 cases desperate. Later towards the 3 and a half hours of the morning, we responded to an emergency call, too late, before the exit of three women in a house we have tears in her arms a child wrapped in four years by a white sheet, his shroud, was already cold. Once in the affected family, this time by aviation at Jabali, two adults with shrapnel in the body of explosive. The two children had minor injuries, but as was evident strillavano the psychological trauma that they were experiencing something that will indelibly mark for the whole life of a slash on his cheek. Even if no one remembers to mention them, are thousands of children afflicted by severe mental disorders caused by the terror bombings continues, or worse, by the sight of parents and brothers torn apart by the explosion.

The crimes of which you are stain Israel at this time go far beyond the boundaries of imagination. The soldiers will not allow us to go and help the survivors of this immense unnatural disaster.

When the wounded are in the vicinity of the armored Israeli media have attacked them, to us on the ambulances of the Red Crescent is not allowed to approach, the soldiers will target shots. We need the light of at least an ambulance of the Red Cross, and coordinating them with top Israeli soldiers, before taking to try to save lives. Just imagine how much time would need such a procedure, a death sentence for some of the wounded awaiting transfusions or emergency treatment. Especially since the Red Cross has its injured who think, can not in any way be available to all our call.

Then we have to park in an area "protected", a euphemism here Gaza, and wait for the relatives that we bring the dying relatives, often in the shoulder. So went to o5.30 morning, we turned the engine stopped the ambulance in the middle of an intersection by telephone and indicated our position to one of the relatives of the wounded. After ten minutes of nerve-wracking waiting, when it had already decided to gear the gear and evacuate the area to go to answer another call, we turn the corner and head toward us, slowly, a truck load of people driven by a mule. A couple with both her son. The best possible representation of this non-war.

This is not a war because there are not two armies that battle on a front, a lie is under siege from un'aviazione, a marina, and now also an infantry of the most powerful in the world, certainly the most advanced in terms of military equipment technology, which has attacked a poor strip of land of 360 square kilometers, where the population is moving again on mules and there is a resistance malearmata whose only strength is to be ready for martyrdom. When the truck has done enough, we went near the meeting, and with horror we discovered its macabre load. A baby was lying with the skull smashed, eyes literally skipped out of the orbits dondolavano face like those at the end of the peduncles of crabs, we gathered that still breathed. His brother instead had gutted the chest, he could count the ribs separately over the white pieces of flesh torn. The mother held his hands resting on the chest opened, as if trying to adjust what the fruit of his love had brought, and hatred of an anonymous soldier, obeying iron sadistic orders had forever destroyed.

I must report a further crime, and further our personal grief. The Israeli army continues to target ambulances. After the doctor and the nurse died Jabali 4 days ago, yesterday it was the turn to our friend, Arafa Abed Al Dayem, 35, leaves 4 children. Around 8.30 yesterday morning we received a call from Gaza city, two civilians mowed by a machine gun of a tank, one of our ambulances of the Red Crescent came on the spot. Arafa a nurse and have loaded the two wounded sull'ambulanza, have closed the doors ready to run the hospital when they are centered in full by a howitzer fired from a tank. The coup has beheaded one of the wounded and even killed our friend, Nader nurse who accompanied him if you got but is now hospitalized in the same hospital where he works. Arafa, a primary school teacher, even as a volunteer paramedic when there was shortage of staff. We are under a rain, no one had heard of the call in a situation of such high risk. ARAF had presented itself, and worked aware of the dangers more than convinced that his family were also other human beings to defend, to help.

We are missing his jokes, his irresistible and infectious sense of humor that the whole hospital rejoiced Auda Al Jabali of hours even in its most dramatic and dark, when most of the deaths and injuries resulting, and we almost feel guilty and useless for not having been able to do something to save them, as we are crushed by a relentless deadly force, the machine of death of the Israeli army. Someone must stop this carnage, I saw things in these days, fragori hearing, smell miasmi pestiferi, that if I ever one day one of my offspring, I will not ever dare to pass. Is there anyone laffuori? desolation of feeling isolated abandonment is the view of a neighborhood in Gaza after a large campaign of air raids. Sabat evening I spent on the phone the square in Milan in protest, I spent my time on the phone heroic doctors and nurses with whom we are working, I saw them rincuorarsi for a brief moment. The demonstrations around the world show that there is still someone in which to believe, but the events are not yet part of exerting enough pressure as necessary to ensure that Western governments coerce Israel into a corner, to assume its responsibilities as a war criminal and against 'humanity.
Many pregnant women who terrorized in these hours are bearing fruit in the light of children prematurity.

I personally accompanied three to give birth. One of them, Samira, the seventh month, gave birth to a beautiful tiny baby named Ahmed. Running with her on board to the hospital of Auda and leaving us behind in the mirrors the scenario of death and destruction just before where we were collecting dead bodies, I thought for a moment that lives in the process of flowering could be the beneaugurio for future peace and hope. The illusion has been dissolved with the first rocket that fell apart at the side of our ambulance returning from the center of Auda Jabali. These mothers bring courage sadly creatures in the world which absorb as the first light in their eyes, nothing more than the green of military tanks and jeeps and intermittent lightning preceding the explosion. What perspective of life that kids expect from the first moment of their birth experience suffering and cries of misfortune? We humans
Vittorio Arrigoni
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CreeppingDeath Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ony a loser and a lowlife can call Israel "Israhell"
WheelJackson Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012   General Artist
Do you even know how evil Palestine is? [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
Alpinegremlin Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
Fuck Palestine. They`re a bunch of haters. Israel received extra land from the Arabs after the Armistice back in 1949. Now they complain about how it was "unjustly taken from them."
Quadraro Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Professional
back to play with your tank online... stupid americans....
Alpinegremlin Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
I will! Tanks are awesome!

The only "stupid" Americans are the ones that support the "innocent" Palestinians. Not all are bad. The terrorist however, are the problem. You can`t blame Israel for defending itself.
Al-Zoro Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would expect no less from a stupid american to call the massacre in palestine as "defending itself"...
Alpinegremlin Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Massacre you say? Like the massacre of Jews that the terrorist organizations and the leaders of Palestine so desperately want? You people are fools. The Palestinian leadership doesn`t want to be "free of Israel". They want Israel wiped off the map along with all Jews and are all too willing to keep the hate pot boiling to do it. You call me a "stupid American", but it is you and other Arabs and "do-gooders" on the outside who are being played by the terrorists and the anti-Semitic leaders of Palestine. They provoke Israel and then cry "Look at how harsh they are on us!" when Israel responds. It`s like the younger sibling provoking his elder brother/sister, then crying to Mommy and Daddy about how mean the aforementioned sibling is. It`s childish, pathetic, and you all just drink it up.

But you are from Syria, so I would expect you to be fired up. I know you two don`t exactly get along either...then again, no Arab nation and Israel have ever gotten along.

Do some more research into the conflict before making asinine insults to people on the internet. It makes you look like an ass.
Al-Zoro Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The only fool here is you and I can easily prove it since you are an American idiot like %80 of yoru country... Palestine only wants freedom but it is too hard when ISraeli army keep sending rockets to all people without hesitating and whenever they feel like!.. You have no fucking idea what the fuck is going on there and and do not ever dare to write as if you have any fucking idea!... It makes you look more stupid than you already are...

And Besides, My nationality is none of yoru business, I have enough reasons to hate Israel... If Arabs and Israel have never gotten along, There must be areason for it, right? You would have noticed the reason if you had the abilty of thinking... Too much o ask from an American!

I have had enough research, How about you use your organ in your skull which is called brain and learn about the truth! It wont kill you!

Ps: It is not that I like insulting people, but people like you blindly support terrorism of Israel pisses me off! You people have no humanity!
Alpinegremlin Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
Coming from someone who`s nation attacked Israel for no reason back in the 60s? I`ll take that as a compliment, I guess.

Your argument has no facts. Just a bunch of idiotic and hateful words bundled together with propaganda. I should think, eh? Maybe if you stopped listening to your leaders and their lies, you`d see the truth. You obviously don`t.

I can`t change your blind views, and there is no way in Hell that you will change mine. If you`d like to keep wasting each other`s time, then please, continue with this stupid flaming of your`s.
Al-Zoro Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is a saying in my land for people likes of you "If You spit on his face, he thinks it's raining"... So take it how-thefuck-ever you like!

My argument has no facts? Says the American idiot! I am tired of showing you westener idiots the massacre and inhumanity there but you guys are so blind and stupid to ignore these! You are the only fool here to got fooled by the propagandas and lies of your "owners"... If you had any brain, any humanity you would not dare to support Israel and its action as "defending"...

You cannot change the truth, and yet you call me blind... Look who is talking? You are nothing but another jewish asslicker idiot who has no idea about the history there... You are a brainwahed little pawn, nothing more... Enjoy your twisted and inhuman believes, I pity you!
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