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January 6, 2009
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Map of Occupation Palestinian by ademmm Map of Occupation Palestinian by ademmm
palestine gaza israel zionism zionist settler

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pianoarcher Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the picture, my world history teacher uses this frequently.
Moto53 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I suggest you would read this: [link]
Vraskis Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
There should be only Palestine, no Israel, and all Rabbi's should be sent to the sun to be burnt away...
DeviantART789789 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
It's idiots like you who are keeping this Conflict going on. I DEMAND A RETURN TO THE 1967 BORDERS!
perangiibliz Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
this is not right, what you called palestinian and israel are on the same land..

i call this civil war, betwen fanatic islam and the rest what hey call them self israel (which consist of israel arab and jew, even there are islam israel, christian israel, jew israel)
so there's something wrong with palestinian..

because they are all people of the same land..

i see palestinian hate israel becaus their populations floaking the land, and made palestinian whom hate kafir cread jihad wave called intifada, also ask for arab league from 5 country to attack and slaughter israel..
this is wrong..

then israel hate their brothers whose call them self palestinian,
using this moment, then israel proclaim independence.. to protect their own family..


you are all being deceived..

there was never israel invaded the land.. its because israel and palestine once same people of that land..

palestine is the name of the land,
if they call people of palestine, then it is include israel was..
they are all ONE palestine before..

thats why this is civil war..
there was never israel invasion.. thats weird..
israel = people whom live at that land and invaded their own land..??? where's logic in that..


you all are being deceived by hatred
even untill now israel welcome the rest of palestinian to join/regroup,
but hamas keep refusing and use mortar rocket to blind bomb israel every day.. hamas do that on top of hospital, school, public space, etc..
this already happen everyday, until israel cant stand anymore and retaliate.. on the same place..
(israel offer of peace and stop retaliate still stands, but hamas never stops rocketing..)

try to investigate both ways.. use your logic, dont be blind by decieved and hatred..
this is civil war.. <---- they all suppose to be brothers in the same family..
AgentA122 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Huh, Israel a land of peace? Pfft! You got to be kidding me! When the Ethiopians came to Israel as refugees most of you Jews act like racist animals telling them to go back where they come from, the Jews are full of hypocrisy and deceit. I don't and won't trust anything that the Jews say.
HelperOfDeath Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
No. There are no Muslim Israeli's, Israeli's are only JEWS. Israel is a country for JEWS.
No. They don't hate them because they're more. Is it Israel or Palestine? The world calls it Israel, I call it OCCUPIED PALESTINE. They're not the same,they're not the same land. Palasenians hate Israeli's because they kicked them out of their land. The land is originally for the Palastinians, Israeli's came marching in, killing and slaughtering and kicking them out. It was, is, and will be PALESTINE.

Israeli's fight to protect their own family from what?!!?!! Who is helping Palestine? Which Arab country exactly? Are the Israeli's protecting themselves from kids? look on the internet, you'll see pics of lots of soldiers with their guns pointed at little Palestinian INFANTS. Protecting themselves from the little stones, becuase that's all the Palestinians can use, it's all they have? They use little bombs, and they don't use them as often as Israel does. And it's not the Palestinians that started the war, the Israeli's did when they came.
They were not one Palestine. Jews came and occupied it when Britain promised to let them have it, even though it wasn't theirs to begin with!! They just said: hey, there's a little speck of land over there, it's not ours, but we'll let you take it and we wont fight you. We took it in history, it was because the Sykes-picot agreement and the Balfour Declaration. Look it up. No it's not logic that Israel = people whom live at that land and invaded their own land. The statement is wrong. It is Isreal = people whom invade a land that is not there's and kick people out of it to make it a land for Jews only and to live in it.
Why do you think they should join each other and unite?! Unite after the Israeli's killed thousands of Palestinians??
That's a link for a picture. See it, and think about it.
I rest my case. Reply what you think about what I said. Find the things that are wrong, but I don't think you will because it's all true.
TheDeathAngel15 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
aha nice text by the way m3 ano i didn't read it all i read the begining
iddbbi Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
the psd file source is gone.

"Invalid or Deleted File."


btw, thanks. :)
davidking50 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Don't let Arabs sell you stories:

1. The British mandate owned around HALF of the land in light brown, not any "Palestinian". Esp' the southern part.

2. The Palis lost land due to their war on the Jews, with the help of the surrounding countries and Israel owes them nothing until they're sure they'll stay 100% safe by give some land "back".
The settlers aren't the problem. The intolerance of ANY independence Jewish presence in ANY side of the green line is the problem for Islamofacists and that's what started this conflict.

3. The amount of property, land & wealth that was stolen from Jews in Arab lands in the last century, is FAR GREATER than any collective claim the Palis have. It was stolen with the false pretext of the war with the Zionist Jews in the Land of Israel. The Islamofacists saw ALL the Jews in their lands liable for that and executed a slow racial abuse, ethnic cleansing and dispossession, until they reduced the Jewish presence, culture and population to almost nothing. Do note that the presence of a Jewish life in North Africa exceeded the Islamic occupation in more than half a millennium.

Just google "The Jewish nakba" and "point of no return blog"

4. The Jews in Arab and Islamic countries ended up living in Israel, as fully functional, integrated citizens. The Palis, on the other hand, with the great help of the "ummah", UNRWA and the Arab League, are being kept as 3rd generation refugees, a tool to demoralize Israel in the eyes of the world and keep the conflict open.

Do Anti-Zionists, Pali-sympathizers and Islamofacists really want to talk about "land loss" and settle this historic score?
Because when all angels are under consideration, the Palis and Israel's neighbors are actually in debt...
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