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January 8, 2009
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stop the butchery in Palestine by ademmm stop the butchery in Palestine by ademmm
please leave comments add to fav by original [link]
leave one stone for gaza now!

IF YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT THEN BE A MEMBER OF THE GROUP, "Filistin katliamını durdurmak.Put a stone to stop the butchery in Palestine"
facebook group account adress: [link]

There had been and still being a butchery in Palestine. It is not important what your religion is. The important thing is to see the violence there in Palestine.

We are not using violence. We are against the violence. We know that; because of the violence, the things are happening in Palestine. Our idea is TO BUILD A CONSTANT PEACE. For building a consant peace: YOU ALSO PUT A STONE TO FINISH THE BUTCHERY IN PALESTINE.

Mass stones on public spaces. Write our message (PUT A STONE TO FINISH THE BUTCHERY IN PALESTINE) on the stone. And leave the stones there. Soo you will give a chance to humans to put a stone on it. The masses will grow against the violence. İt will be a commemoration for all the people (babies, women, civils) whom had died.

Take (shot) the photos of the masses in public spaces. Upload the images to our group. Make all the world see and hear us. OPEN THE EYES AND THE EARS OF THE WORLD. MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE HUMANS, THEY ARE HUMANS....

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please upload just only the stone masses that you put on public spaces. Please do not upload another violence photos of the butchery. Because they are everywhere. We see them even we close our eyes...
fight with rock....
free palestine.....
boycot israel......
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