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January 24, 2009


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it's a ceasefire…just not on the beach, not in your home

*7 year old Ahmed Hassanin, shot in the head outside his home by Israeli soldiers from Gaza's eastern border, January 22nd.

On the 5th morning after Israel declared a 'ceasefire', Israeli gunboats began shelling, as they had on several mornings since halting the 22 day air and land bombardment of Gaza. The shelling, which began just after 7:30 am off Gaza city's coast, injured at least 6, including one boy with shrapnel in his head.

Yasser Abed, 15, came out from his home in Gaza's Beach camp, on the coast, to see where the shelling was occurring. A shard of shrapnel lodged in his forehead.

Nisreen al Quqa, 11, was out earlier, before the navy began to fire towards Palestinian fishermen. She and her brother were walking on the beach when the firing started. A piece of shrapnel lodged in her right calf muscle.

Other injuries included a 14 year old male who was hit in the thigh by one of the shrapnel fragments, a 35 year old male also with a shrapnel injury, and a 4 year old girl with a head wound from flying shrapnel.

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Tseng-Akera Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey you know what... this is war! and when you have war in civillian populated area's guess what! Civillians are going to get hurt! i love how everyone jumps on Jews about things. "OMG it's the jew's fault!!"
Hidden by Owner
Thank you Ademmm
Lost operation
I think, according to your way of thinking, that if your God was real , he would have prevented Hitler from massacring you.

Please stop this ridiculous way of thinking, the Israelis occupied the Palestinian's land, they're not entitled to do this, and the they will be kicked off it, sooner or later.
i laugh at you.
you think Israel is to blame?
no they are not...
you people run around killing people in the name of "Allah" i was watching some tv and this random muslim man was on and prayed in arabic "Allah, i want you count all the jews and kill them all" It just made me laugh, because if your god was real he would have killed them off many years ago when you petty fools tried such an act in the 6 day war.
Face it, if so many countries could not take over such a small occupation of land, and yet you think a false god will allow you fools to win?
I am on Israel's side praying to my God that He will destroy you fools, or at least show you the errors in your ways.
I wish the ceasefire never happened so that Israel can do its job and get rid of at least one muslim country.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but not everyone wants to create "israhell"
or whatever you would like to call it.
i would just like ot tell u that the muslim god and the jewish god is the exact same one.

and since u want all the "muslims" or more like "hamas" wiped off, then what do innocent civilians have to with this war, what about other religions living in gaza, what about innocent children that never did anything to hurt anyone....

and since you think we don't have the full details please, impart your wisdom !!

and to be completely honest i'm against that guy that was praying that all the jews be killed. i think palestinians and israelis shoud find a way to live in peace..
without the wall, without the checkpoints... with equal rights...

and one last thing, you said that u think both sides have gone too far... u really left me speechless with this..
so i'm jsut gonna give u numbers... about 13 israelis have been killed by palestinian bombs... and over 1300 palestinians killed by israeli bombs... now explain to me how "both" sides are going too far.... ??
Hamas has been bombing Israel for what reason and for how long?
1300 people dead?
I've heard that this number has been inflated. Even so, people dying is intolerable.
I agree that finding a way to live in peace with equal rights is a solution, but currently both sides are bent on destroying each other.
then lets be against both ... "OR" against neither !!

wouldn't being against both be the same as being against neither?
and by inflated i mean they boosted the number (ex: from 30 to 50)
how many ppl died in the holocaust ??
what about i come nd tell u thats a lie ..

and yes it would be the same... that was my point !!
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